Why FILM Your Wedding?


Weddings are A LOT of work, but they are very enjoyable for many people. You know this is true! You have attended many weddings as either a friend, family member, or as part of the bridal party itself. Let’s rewind your life real quick and play back your wedding day experience as a guest. You experienced zero stress or wedding day pressure, outside of getting ready for the wedding and arriving on time. For the most part, you had a relaxing time and enjoyed exploring the couples venue of choice. You took time to smell the gorgeous flower arrangements. You fell in love with the bride’s dress. You commented on all the cute signs and decorations. You enjoyed eating great food and no doubt downed some free booze. To you, everything about the wedding day was beautiful and perfect. Love was in the air, and everything about life was good. The couples Ceremony was touching and even teared you up at times. However, you knew you were¬†really there for the party and were able to put your emotions back in check. After a wonderful dinner, you probably had a bite or two of some wedding cake or something sweet. You socialized with your friends, drank a little more, kicked off your heels, and then danced the night away to some of your favorite songs. You did stress a little about what outfit to wear that day, but after many compliments, and many eyes on you while on the dance floor, you know you made the right decision. You probably left the wedding exhausted, but you had an amazing experience celebrating the happy couple and making memories with them. Your heart was happy and content. You looked forward to seeing the couples photos and wedding video so you could RELIVE this amazing day all over again!

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