Are you having a difficult time deciding on which FIRST LOOK option to go with on your wedding day? It can be a tough decision to make. Let me help you by explaining some of your options and how they can play out on your wedding day. To clear up any confusion we will look at two overall options, the TRADITIONAL FIRST LOOK and the MODERN FIRST LOOK.

The TRADITIONAL FIRST LOOK is when the groom will see his bride for the very first time as she walks down the aisle toward him in the processional. This can be very dramatic for both the bride, groom, and even those watching in attendance. I have witnessed numerous grooms tear up at the moment he first sees his bride walking down the aisle. For many couples, this is their FIRST LOOK of choice. They will plan and anticipate the grand entrance for this dramatic moment on their wedding day. For this TRADITIONAL FIRST LOOK, the bride and groom would have had NO other visual or physical contact throughout the morning preparations. Couples CAN choose to talk on the phone or text their partner before the ceremony if they so desire. Some couples will meet in person to talk, pray or hold hands before the wedding ceremony, but still choose NOT to actually see each other. Couples choosing this option can utilize doorways, walls, or corners to block the view of each other. In most cases the photographer or videographer will help with both the location and getting both the bride and groom into position. The TRADITIONAL FIRST LOOK originated from the history of arranged marriages. Fearing that the soon-to-be couple might try to back-out of the family affair, they were prevented from seeing each other until the knot was tied…or so my sources say.

Most people are familiar with the TRADITIONAL FIRST LOOK on a wedding day, but there is another type of FIRST LOOK, and we call this the MODERN FIRST LOOK.

The MODERN FIRST LOOK is generally a private moment that is shared between the bride and the groom sometime prior to the wedding ceremony. While a private moment, the photographer and videographer will still be present to document this very important and special moment that the couple share together.

In fact, as a videographer, I would probably ask the couple to wear a microphone so that their exchange of words and emotions can be heard, understood, and experienced once again through their video. You never know what is going to happen or how emotional the response is going to be. Many of these FIRST LOOK moments will make it into the couples wedding HIGHLIGHT film to be enjoyed and RE LIVED forever.

For those who choose to have a MODERN FIRST LOOK, this is the first time on the wedding day that the groom will see his bride in all her glory. While this is a moment of great anticipation for both the bride and groom it seems a bigger deal for the groom. As he is standing there waiting for the reveal, here are some possible thoughts going through his head. What is the bride going to look like? What wedding dress will the bride be rocking? How is the bride wearing her hair? What does the bride’s makeup look like? What jewelry or perfume did the bride choose to wear for the wedding? How gorgeous is my bride going to look? All of these questions are answered pretty quickly during these few moments together.

Like the official kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony, the FIRST LOOK is a dramatic climax of the morning preparations and helps to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Of course the bride is anxious to see her soon to be husband and is nervous and excited as well, but it is normally the groom that responds the most dramatically during the MODERN FIRST LOOK.

For most MODERN FIRST LOOKS the groom will be standing somewhere with his back toward the bride. When everyone is ready, the bride will slowly walk up to the groom, tap him on the shoulder, and the groom will turn around to see her. The reactions are priceless but vary from couple to couple. This is a big wedding day moment, so most photographers and videographers will be ready to capture this special moment between the couple.

The MODERN FIRST LOOK is a great opportunity for the couple to relax for a few minutes together. For those who are nervous, seeing their loved one helps to shake off some of the wedding day jitters. During this time together the couple may embrace, kiss, talk, exchange gifts, read personal vows, share letters, or even pray together. There are a lot of options here. I would highly suggest building the MODERN FIRST LOOK into your wedding day timeline so that you have enough time to enjoy each other without being rushed. The more you plan to do while together, the more time you should plan for in your timeline. These moments should NOT be rushed!

Every MODERN FIRST LOOK is different. There is no right or wrong way to have one. The point is to relax and have a moment of your choice with your loved one before all the craziness of the day starts and things get busy. Some FIRST LOOKS can be very emotional and one or both of the couple will tear up or cry. Other times it’s a pretty typical response with lots of smiling and hugging with nothing overly dramatic.

Whether you decide to go with a TRADITIONAL or MODERN DAY FIRST LOOK, I hope your wedding day will be fun, relaxing, and memorable.

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